1. Business & Society
    Corporate Governance Reform for a New Era of Responsible Business, October 2016
  2. ERR in summary
    A summary of the concept of External Rate of Return.
  3. The External Rate of Return
    How to think about measuring business activity and its lasting impact on immediate and broader society
  4. Profit-With-Purpose Business
    Subject paper of the Mission Alignment Working Group, September 2014



  1. The Centre for Social Justice
    A summary of the work of the CSJ and plans for the future, March 2016
  2. Modern Slavery
    A review of Modern Slavery & human trafficking and how it can be addressed



  1. Twelve Platform Policies for Global Equilibrium
    12 recommendations to combat the pressing global challenges we face, August 2017
  2. Britain to 2050
    A springboard economy supported by a springboard society, July 2016


Public Sector

  1. Triennial Review of the Big Lottery Fund
    The review of the Big Lottery Fund, June 2014
  2. Waste
    Why Quangos should be held to higher standards of governance, oversight and responsibility.
  3. Delivering Our Purposes (Extract BBC report)
    How the BBC reports within the ERR framework , May 2017
  4. BBC local Radio, News & Current Affairs
    The review conducted by the BBC Trust, March 2016